Developer: epsxe software s.l.

ePSXe software s.l. is a software development company that specializes in creating emulators for the PlayStation console. The company is best known for its ePSXe emulator, which allows users to play classic PlayStation games on their computer or mobile device.

ePSXe software s.l. was founded in 2000 by three Spanish developers: Calb, Galtor, and _Demo_. The company has since grown to become a leading developer of PlayStation emulators, with ePSXe being one of the most popular and widely used PlayStation emulators available.

The company is based in Spain and has a team of developers who work on creating and maintaining its emulators. In addition to ePSXe, the company has also developed emulators for other consoles, including the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

ePSXe software s.l. is known for creating high-quality emulators that are user-friendly and customizable. Its emulators are known for their ability to enhance the graphics and performance of classic games, and for their support for a wide range of file formats and hardware controllers.

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Overall, it is a leading developer of PlayStation emulators, known for its high-quality and customizable software. Its emulators have become a popular way for fans of classic gaming to relive their favorite titles on modern devices.